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Register as a FREE User with SANUSLIFE and receive 1,000 SANUSCREDITS as a welcome gift! We support you during the first few days and show you step by step what the whole world of SANUSLIFE has to offer with great video messages from the environmental activist Magdalena Gschnitzer and our CEO Ewald Rieder.

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SANUSCOINS is not only available on highly complex Coin exchanges. SANUSCOINS is available right here at SANUSLIFE. For You. On-site. In the online shop. Simply select the right package in the shop and buy it. Done.

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Our SANUSCOIN Packages

Registration as a FREE User or login on the SANUSLIFE page is mandatory for the purchase. The service fee for the entire transaction including the transfer of the SANUSCOINS to the respective SANUSWALLET is 5%. Payment can be made by credit card, instant bank transfer or Alipay.

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SANUSLIFE besitzt die einfache Lizenz zum Verkauf von SANUSCOIN-Gutscheinen. Damit der Kauf so schnell wie möglich und ohne KYC (Know Your Customer)-Verfahren über die Bühne gehen kann, sind SANUSCOIN-Käufe vorerst auf 900 Euro pro 30 Tage beschränkt.

SANUSCOINS for everyone!

As simple as possible.
As quick as possible.
As unbureaucratic as possible.


So that the system knows HOW MUCH it may transfer to WHOM.

After purchasing the package, the buyer will receive detailed instructions on how to pair their SANUSLIFE account with the SANUSWALLET created. Through this process, SANUSLIFE will receive the SANUSCOIN receiving address to transfer the SANUSCOINS to the paired decentralized SANUSWALLET.

It’s that simple

Pay for the parcel at the cash desk.

Download SANUSWALLET to the smartphone.

Perform Pairing in the logged-in area via the Profile page.

In 2-5 days, the SAC are on the decentralized wallet.


Building up wealth is easy. Especially if you buy SANUSCOINS at regular intervals and always for the same amount. This is called the “cost average effect”.

In order to benefit from this effect, to compensate for high fluctuations in value and to still fully utilize the maximum order limit, it is recommended to buy a package every 10 days at 300 euros.


Very simple. If the price falls in the meantime, you get more SANUSCOINS. And if the price rises, the SANUSCOINS acquired cheaply in the meantime get more value.

This is how you can build up a nice fortune in the long term!


Buy SANUSCOIN directly on the
coin exchange.

Those who wish can buy SANUSCOINS directly themselves on the coin exchange THE ROCK TRADING (TRT) or LATOKEN.

The aim of SANUSLIFE is to integrate its own coin exchange on the SANUSLIFE platform. To offer everything from a single source. To keep the fees as low as possible.


Coming in 2023!